jueves, 18 de febrero de 2016

[Cisco IOS] Packet capture on cisco IOS

Pretty much everyone familiar with a cisco ASA know how useful and handy the capture command can be! Have you ever wonder how to do something similar on routers? Well, a embedded packet capture feature was introduced staring at v12.4(20)T for IOS and 15.2(4)S for IOS-XE.

It requires additional steps than his firewall cousin, but the results are pretty much the same. I will not cover the details since you can found a lot of documentation on the web, but pretty much this is wht you need to do:

conf t
access-list 177 permit ip host
access-list 177 permit ip host
access-list 177 permit ip host
access-list 177 permit ip host
monitor capture buffer CAPTURE1
monitor capture buffer CAPTURE1 filter access-list 177
monitor capture point ip cef CUSTOMTRACE gigabitEthernet 0/1 both
monitor capture point associate CUSTOMTRACE CAPTURE1
monitor capture point start CUSTOMTRACE
! diplay the information capture
show monitor capture buffer CAPTURE1 parameters
show monitor capture buffer CAPTURE1 dump
monitor capture point stop CUSTOMTRACE
monitor capture buffer CAPTURE1 clear

In my opinion, this captures aren't that easy to read, this is an example of the output of the capture:

For simplicity I always transfer the capture to a tftp server so I can read it using Wireshark.

monitor capture buffer holdpackets export tftp://

I hope you can find this useful.

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