viernes, 30 de marzo de 2018

[Cisco IOS] Copy files using SCP

I'm ashamed to admit that I discovered this just a couple of days ago, but is way more convenient that using the traditional TFTP method.

Long story short, using this method the router becomes the server instead of the client therefore you send files (which can be from anywhere) instead of download it from a server ("fixed" location).

  1. Enable secure copy with ip scp server enable
  2. Start the transfer with pscp -scp FILE.BIN admin@
  3. Once finish disable SCP with no ip scp server enable.

First seen on ccierants.

miércoles, 20 de diciembre de 2017

A life with Cisco VRFs

Without going into much details a a VRF is splitting a router virtually into independent ones.

For more information click here.

When it comes to it's configuration is pretty similar as what you will do normally, but just adding the vrf keyword... most of the time is pretty intuitive but sometimes the commands are completely different and for my own personal reference I decided to have this post as a reminder of a few tricky commands.

Regular commands
VRF aware commands
ping vrf INTERNET
show ip route
show ip route vrf INTERNET
show crypto ipsec sa
show crypto ipsec sa vrf INTERNET
show ip bgp
show bgp vpnv4 unicast vrf INTERNET
show ip bgp summary
show bgp vpnv4 unicast vrf INTERNET summary


Other useful commands that I personally often forget:

Check the light levels of a SFP on a ASR router
sh hw-module subslot 2/0 transceiver 0 status

Check STP topology changes
show spanning-tree detail | in occur|from|exec

Download a capture from a context ASA